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5 Reasons International Tourists Should Choose APA Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo, a dynamic city pulsating with energy and innovation, offers international tourists a myriad of experiences. Amidst the vast array of accommodation options, APA Hotels stand out for their unique blend of comfort, affordability, and strategic locations. Here are five specific reasons why international tourists should consider APA Hotels in Tokyo, along with recommendations for the best APA Hotel branch for each reason, including estimated room prices.

5 Reasons International Tourists Should Choose APA Hotels

1. Prime Location for City Exploration: 

The bustling heart of Tokyo is a treasure trove for tourists, and the APA Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho Tower provides an ideal starting point. Located in the vibrant Shinjuku district, this branch offers unparalleled access to Tokyo’s iconic attractions, shopping centers, and entertainment hubs. If you love nightlife, this hotel is for you.

 Estimated Room Price: $100-$150 per night. 

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2.Thoughtful Design and Cultural Comfort:

For those seeking a harmonious blend of thoughtful design and cultural proximity, the APA Hotel Tokyo Kudanshita near the Imperial Palace is an excellent choice.

This branch not only showcases innovative room design but also places guests in close proximity to a plethora of Tokyo’s historical landmarks.

 Estimated Room Price: $80-$120 per night. 

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3.Affordable Luxury for Budget-Conscious Travelers: 

International tourists on a budget can experience affordable luxury at the APA Hotel Higashi-Shinjuku Kabukicho Higashi in the lively Kabukicho district. This branch allows travelers to soak in Tokyo’s vibrant atmosphere without compromising on quality or breaking the bank. 

Estimated Room Price: $70-$100 per night.

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4.On-Site Dining Convenience for Culinary Explorations:

Food enthusiasts exploring Tokyo’s diverse culinary scene will find the APA Hotel Asakusa Tawaramachi Ekimae to be an ideal choice. Situated near the historic Asakusa district, this branch not only provides comfortable accommodations but also boasts on-site dining options.

It’s also only a short walk from the famous Kappabashi “Kitchen Town”, which is sure to delight cuisine-focused visitors. 

 Estimated Room Price: $90-$130 per night.

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5.Business-Friendly Amenities for Global Professionals: 

For international tourists with business needs, the APA Hotel Shimbashi Onarimon stands out. Positioned near Tokyo’s major business districts, this branch caters to professionals seeking a seamless fusion of work and leisure. 

Estimated Room Price: $100-$150 per night.

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In conclusion, APA Hotels in Tokyo offer international tourists not just a place to stay but a gateway to the city’s diverse experiences. From prime locations to cultural comfort, affordability, on-site dining, and business-friendly amenities, APA Hotels cater to the unique needs of global explorers. These recommendations, paired with estimated room prices, ensure that every international tourist’s Tokyo adventure is complemented by comfort, convenience, and a touch of Japanese hospitality.

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