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【Top 5 Capsule Hotels in Tokyo】A Unique Stay for Every Budget

Tokyo is a city renowned for its innovation –  from bullet trains to robot cafes, there’s something for everyone in this world-famous megacity. Of particular interest is a uniquely Japanese style of lodging, and I don’t mean a ryokan. Rather, Tokyo offers travelers a chance to experience modern accommodation like never before – capsule hotels! These compact spaces have gained immense popularity, providing an efficient and budget-friendly way to explore the city. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to five popular capsule hotels in Tokyo, each known for its unique features and attractions.

Exploring Tokyo’s Captivating Capsule Hotels: A Unique Stay for Every Budget

1.Tokyo Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Premier

A true gem in the heart of the city, Tokyo Capsule Tokyo Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Premier stands out for its unbeatable central location. With prices ranging from approximately $30 to $50 USD (¥3,000 to ¥5,000 JPY) per night, it combines affordability and comfort with its privacy curtains, personal lockers, and relaxing spa facilities. Although shared bathrooms might be a concern, the convenience and amenities make it a favorite among budget-conscious travelers.

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2.First Cabin Akihabara

Famous for its aviation-themed design and spacious capsules, First Cabin Akihabara offers an upscale capsule experience. With prices averaging from $40 to $70 USD (¥4,000 to ¥7,000 JPY) per night, guests can choose from various cabin sizes and enjoy cozy lounges. Situated near Akihabara’s attractions, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking comfort and luxury. While shared shower facilities could be a drawback, the hotel’s unique aesthetic more than makes up for such a minor inconvenience.

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3.Nine Hours Shinjuku-North

Known for its minimalist aesthetic and futuristic ambiance, Nine Hours Shinjuku-North captures attention with its separate floors for male and female guests. Priced between $40 to $60 USD (¥4,000 to ¥6,000 JPY) per night, it offers efficiency and modernity. While the capsules might feel snug to some, the strategic location in one of Tokyo’s most popular areas and sleek design are its main draws.

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4.The Millennials Shibuya

A tech-savvy traveler’s paradise, The Millennials Shibuya stands out for its high-tech amenities and communal spaces. Ranging from approximately $50 to $80 USD (¥5,000 to ¥8,000 JPY) per night, it offers customizable lighting and interactive lounges for networking. Shared kitchen facilities add to the communal atmosphere. Although capsule sizes could be limiting, the cutting-edge experience makes it a favorite of travelers searching for a uniquely Tokyo experience.

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5.Book and Bed Tokyo

This hotel offers a one-of-a-kind concept: Book and Bed Tokyo lets guests sleep amidst a treasure trove of books! With prices ranging from around $35 to $60 USD (¥3,500 to ¥6,000 JPY) per night, bibliophiles can immerse themselves in literature in this library-meets-lodging concept hotel. Cozy capsules provide plenty of comfort, although facilities are limited compared to traditional hotels.

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When all is said and done, with offerings as low as 3,000yen per night,  Tokyo’s capsule hotels offer something for every traveler’s taste and budget. Each hotel has carved out a niche for itself, attracting guests from all walks of life with distinct offerings. While the limited space and shared facilities might not be ideal for everyone, the capsule hotel experience is one you’re unlikely to find anywhere else on earth and is a great way to explore Tokyo’s vibrant culture without straining your wallet.

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